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Rainy Day Activities at Dolbryn

Today's blog is a guest posting from caravan specialists and online retailer Prima Leisure

Dolbryn is fortunate enough to be close to some spectacular beaches, and with summer fast approaching our visitors are itching to explore West Wales. However, chances are not every day will have clear skies, so we’ve put together a list of ideas of what to do when you’re limited to your caravan for an afternoon!

Have an indoor picnic

One of the best ways to spend a summery day at Dolbryn is to gather lots of snacks and head to a field armed with a picnic blanket. If the weather isn’t permitting, simply bring the picnic indoors.

Have some fun with the kids creating unusual sandwich combinations, or maybe take the picnic up a notch and have a theme – fancy dress anyone? If you have an air awning, you can use your front porch for your caravan and have a grassy picnic while staying dry. Air awnings are often on sale, aren’t as difficult as pole awnings to set up and only take minutes to inflate.

Play some board games

Games are a great way to get the family together. Cluedo and Monopoly are often firm family favourites, or you could read some board game lists to find something new. Learning card games are also a brilliant way to spend an afternoon, as they can be played with any number of people, and you’ll have an endless amount of games at your fingertips. Why not try these XXL cards for a bit of fun.

Build a fort

Blanket forts are easy to assemble, but can also be as elaborate as you like. You can spend five minutes building a simple tent, or go to town with it and include decorations, signs and secret entrances. First, you’ll need your essentials. Gather together sofa cushions, bedding, large sheets, pillows, clothes pegs or paper clips and any folding chairs. You can even use an umbrella to help hold up your sheet roof. Now, get creative by including fairy lights, torches or draw out some decorative signs for a top-notch cave. There some great collections of fort ideas on BuzzFeed if you need some inspiration!

Create a home cinema

Setting up a home cinema is the perfect opportunity to create the excitement of a trip out from the comfort of your sofa. The best 12v TVs will allow you to switch between 12-volt, 24-volt or 240-volt mains AC so you can use the TV off-grid. MyKidsTime recommends using a voting system to choose the film, or let the youngest choose first, and the second youngest the next time. You can’t have a successful home cinema without some treats. So whether it’s a case of raiding the fridge or popping down to our on-site shop, snacks are a must.

Read a story

Reading a book is an enjoyable pastime for a rainy day because it doesn’t require any setup or charging of devices. You could set older children a reading challenge, for example, how many chapters they can read in a day, or sit everyone around and tell stories of your own. The children could even complete a travel journal or start a scrapbook to document their time.

We hope this has given you a few starting points on how to spend a rainy day at Dolbryn. If you have any other suggestions or tips for other visitors, leave us a comment below!

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