Dolly & Bryn's Dolbryn Adventure

"Come on Bryn, let's stay in a pod"

"Ok Dolly", he said with a nod.

So they both packed their bags and hopped over the wall

To start their adventure however big or small.

This week, Dolbryn's intrepid little dragons, Dolly & Bryn set off on a little mini-break, how sweet! We agreed that they could stay in one of our lovely little pods, on the condition that they came back relaxed and refreshed to tell us all about it.

Our wooden camping pods were beautifully hand-crafted right here in West Wales by local designers Teifi Valley Camping Pods. They've been part of the Dolbryn landscape for a few years now and lots of our guests absolutely love them.They are ideal for first-time campers who want to try something new, but don't want to fork out for a tent just yet. Or for any camper who wants the convenience of arriving here at Dolbryn and not having to set up camp! Just pull out your bedding, set up your stove and you're done :) and no worries about packing away a wet tent either.....

So, just what did Dolly & Bryn think of Dolbryn's camping pods? Well, by the look of their big happy smiles, they had a great time! They told us that they loved the cosy pods, especially sitting out with a glass of wine in the evening and enjoying the peaceful views. They loved having a stroll around Dolbryn too - Bryn picked some pretty flowers for Dolly, and they huffed and puffed all the way to the top of the vineyard (it is a big hill when you're only a little dragon....) and sat on the bench and enjoyed the views. Dolly even helped Bryn with the washing up (it's usually his job!).

So it looks like they had a pretty good time. And will you come back and stay in a pod Dolly & Bryn? Looks like its a resounding YES from our little dragons.....

Book your own camping pod adventure at Dolbryn now. You can check availability and book online here

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