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Dolbryn Animals

Dolbryn Animals.jpg

As well as the Dolbryn family and plenty of campers and caravanners, Dolbryn is also home to some beautiful animals that we are lucky to call our pets.


We're passionate about nature and wildlife, and our animals are no exception. We re-home unwanted animals if we can and we love to give happy and free-range retirements to ex-battery hens. Our current pets consist of Noah the kune-kune pig; Sandra and Gladys, two middle white spot piglets; Valentino and Angus the pygmy goats; a menagerie of chickens and Eggy the cockerel; two guinea pigs and a rabbit.

If you're staying with us you can get involved and help us feed and pet the Dolbryn animals - animal feeding is at 9am every weekend and school holiday morning. 

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