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Forest Bathing for happiness

Hands up who's heard of Forest Bathing? No, I promise I'm not winding you up, it really is a thing. And a big thing at that..... Forest Bathing is one of the key lifestyle trends of the past few years as busy humans try to balance a happy bank account with a happy mind.

Forest Bathing is exactly as it sounds – you literally indulge in “bathing” in a forest. It’s long been a popular activity in Japan, but over there it’s called Shinrin-yoku. Japanese culture strongly believes in the restorative power of nature, and forest bathing has been a recognised treatment by the government since the early 1980s.

Forest Bathing is quite literally the art of allowing nature to wash over you during a visit, or a walk, to the forest. It’s thought that reconnecting with nature can lead to decreased stress and mood enhancement. Forest Bathing can help with disorders such as stress, anger, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. In Japan there are even forests dedicated to Forest Bathing, where you aren’t allowed to do anything but wallow in the beauty and tranquility of nature.

But, these aren’t new revelations to many people who already enjoy heading out for a walk in beautiful West Wales and who recognise the benefits of a stroll among natural beauty. Forest Bathing does however encourage deep relaxation and even meditation. But, a simple walk in the woods, immersed in the peace and beauty of Mother Nature will do the trick just as well.

Here at Dolbryn we're surrounded by trees and woodland, and we've got our very own patch of forest for guests to explore and discover, so when you visit, why not have a go at Forest Bathing - you might just be surprised at the results.

The vineyard and woodland at Dolbryn

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