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Essential Apps for your Camping Trip

In the depths of winter whilst we're all holding onto our hats between storms, it's sometimes hard to imagine that Spring will come again.

Difficult to remember the feeling of sun on our arms.

The heat of the campfire.

The laughter of children.

The clatter of the billy can beat across the campsite.

But, in the chaos of the festive season and a new year filled with new promise, Spring will be just around the corner.

And so too will camping adventures.

Getting back into the outdoors.

Shedding the layers.

Shaking off winter.

So, while we're waiting, how about some adventure planning? Planning your camping, campervan or caravan trip in the winter months gives everyone something to look forward to. And booking early will give you the best chance of securing the pitch you want at the site you want; which is no mean feat these days!

And of course, there are some brilliant apps out there to help with your planning, and your trip once you have arrived.

Making easier work of planning and organising a trip.

From site inspiration to local information.

Weather forecasts to tourist hot spots.

Check out these top apps for your next camping, caravanning or motorhome adventure......


These apps will help you find sites:

  • Park4Night

  • Camper Contact

  • Wikicamps UK

These will help you plan your trip:

  • Yonder (find outdoor adventure activities and hotspots)

  • SAS Survival Guide (one for the wild campers!)

  • Camping List (what to pack in one handy place)

  • Tourlina (an app to help solo female travelers connect)

  • Roadtrippers (find out all about your destination)

  • Camping Manual (if you're new to camping then there's loads of info here)

These are fun and handy apps to use whilst you're away

  • Accuweather (we all get a bit obsessed with camping weather don't we!)

  • My Nature Animal Tracks (a great one for kids to figure out which animal has left it's tracks outside the tent!)

  • First Aid (essential first aid information)

  • Knot Behind (if you weren't in the Scouts then learn how to tie a good knot with this app)

  • Go Sky Walk (amazing app that shows you an atlas of the night sky)

  • Sun Seeker (tracks the sun so you can find just the right spot to pitch)

  • iHandy Level (great for levelling up the camper or caravan)

  • Leafsnap (a fun one for the kids to identify leaves and trees)

  • Magic Seaweed (fantastic app for checking weather conditions and tides on the coast)

Happy camping! We can't wait for 2022

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