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Reducing Plastic Waste at Dolbryn

The issue of single use plastic waste is fast becoming one of the most pressing of our generation. Most people will have seen the sad footage of our oceans drowning in plastic waste, and we don't have to travel far to witness it for ourselves. Whenever we head to the beach there is often plenty of plastic waste washed up along the shore.

Here at Dolbryn we are committed to doing whatever we can to preserve and protect our beautiful environment - both locally and globally. And for 2018 we've made a very important pledge. We pledge to reduce as much as we possibly can, the amount of Single Use Plastic that we use and rely on here on site.

We promise to:

  • replace the plastic straws in the bar with paper ones

  • once stocks run out we won't be offering disposable cups in the shop/bar. You are welcome to bring your own cup for a take-away drink and receive a 10% discount.

  • offer paper carrier bags in the shop instead of plastic ones

  • once stocks run out we will replace plastic hygiene bags with paper or biodegradable bags

  • when possible we will source milk in glass bottles for the shop

We also want to encourage all our guests to recycle everything they can whilst they stay with us. There are large recycling bins in the waste store for all plastic, paper, cardboard and tin, and a separate bin for glass. We've also got buckets at reception that you can borrow to make recycling easier during your stay. And of course, if we can help in any way then don't hesitate to give us a shout!

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