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Happy 2018 Season!

Happy 2018 to all our lovely blog readers! After a very long (and wet) (and cold) winter, we are absolutely thrilled to have finally opened our gates here at our little campsite in West Wales. It was a bit of a funny start to the season as no sooner had we opened than we had to close again because all the pipes froze in the toilet block and the lane was like an ice rink, thanks to the Beast from the East…. But, we got there in the end and we are very excited to welcome the 2018 season at last.

So, as a humble campsite owner, here are my wishes for this coming season…..

  • LOTS of sunshine and nice warm weather – after the winter we’ve had don’t we all deserve it? Pretty please….. I know we do have lots of hardy and determined campers but no one can argue that camping and caravanning is a teeny bit more enjoyable when the sun is out and you feel like you could be in the south of France. Plenty of sunshine please.

  • Plenty of happy guests – we do work hard here at Dolbryn to make sure everyone who has a holiday with us in West Wales is happy. From showing you to your pitch to serving you in the bar, one of us is always around site if you’ve any gripes or groans or just want to chat. And just so you know, we LOVE a chat – chatting keeps us happily distracted from the boring jobs like accounts and weeding….

  • Lots of fun times – we try hard to make sure that there’s always plenty going on here at Dolbryn – just enough to entertain everyone but not so much that it starts to feel like Butlins. From our ever popular events like Medieval Weekend and the annual Curry-Oke night to Walking Week and star gazing, there’s something for everyone.

  • Good old fashioned playtime – here at Dolbryn we promise to never introduce noisy and expensive arcades or games machines. We believe in free-range kids who can run around the play park, explore the woodlands, make a den, splash in the stream and get to know the site animals. If we’re honest, even the site wi-fi isn’t that great (thanks to good old-fashioned rural broadband speeds… ..) so old-fashioned fun it is!

  • Happy family memories – and with all this playtime and fun times, we hope to inspire wonderful family holidays and happy memories, because life really is too short to not go camping or caravanning :) From toasting marshmallows on one of our fire-pits while watching the stars in the clear skies, to lazy days on the beach or days out in beautiful West Wales.

  • A day or two off – the summer months are always hectic here for us, and the days are long to try and fit in all the grass cutting, maintenance, cleaning, opening the bar, manning the shop, taking bookings, welcoming new arrivals, admin and remembering to feed the dogs and the children in between. So when we do get a rare day off we absolutely treasure it, and it’s usually over all too soon! But do you know what, we wouldn’t have it any other way J It is a lot of hard work but we absolutely love it!

Happy camping everyone, wherever you end up this year. May the sun shine and your camping trip be a happy one! See you soon xx

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