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Hello Dolly & Bryn

Ladies and Gentlemen.... please put your hands together and give a very warm welcome to Dolbryn's newest residents - our little dragons, Dolly and Bryn.

Dolly and Bryn are here with us to celebrate the 2017 Visit Wales Year of Legends. This year, the Visit Wales campaign is a celebration of not just living Wales, but all the thousands of years of heritage, history, folklore and legend that have gone before us. Wales is a land of majestic mountains, enormous landscapes, stunning coasts and legendary heroes. It has road signs only locals can decipher; a language made more of spittle than syllables and a reputation for a brutal kind of patriotism that goes much further than flag waving and daffodil wearing, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find strong local communities that take pride in their heritage; a culture and language that arrived in Britain about 1,000 BC; towns, villages, castles and ruins packed full of history, myth and legend and the kind of amazing scenery that makes you wonder why on earth you didn’t visit sooner.......

So, in a bid to find out more about this wonderful country that we call home, we're going to be sending Dolly and Bryn out on some legendary adventures to discover more about the local area and some of the fantastic legends, stories and histories that are close to home. And of course, they'll be having a jolly old time here at Dolbryn too.....

See you soon Dolly and Bryn,

Sioned x

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