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Top Tips for Camping with Babies

If you caught our post last week about camping with babies, and you're still not put off, then here's our quick read top tips for taking your littlies camping.....

  • Get organised. Make a list and check it as you pack the car.

  • Choose a campsite close to home for the first trip. And choose a warm, dry weekend.

  • Look for a site with added baby-value – does it have a family toilet/shower cubicle so you can easily take little one in with you for a wash? Does it have animals that kids can feed/visit or a play-area?

  • Have a packet of baby wipes in every bag and in every section of the tent so they are easily-reachable at all times. Baby wipes are your best friend.

  • Get to the campsite in day-light hours. Pitching a tent while entertaining a baby is hard. Doing it in the dark is doubly hard!

  • Put all your cooking utensils/gas canisters/sharp implements (anything you don’t want your baby to grab hold of) in a large plastic box with a clip-lid.

  • If your baby is mobile, zip the tent door up at night with the zippers at the top.

  • For babies that are sleeping in a moses basket or pod, put a foam or camp mat and blankets underneath them because cold will come up from the ground.

  • A large washing up bowl or bucket can double as a baby-bath.

  • Buy some cold-water sterilising tablets if you need to sterilise bottles or feeding equipment.

  • Consider a glamping holiday as a way to ease into camping with a baby.

  • Have fun! If you’re anxious or worried about the trip your baby will pick up on it. Feed his excitement with your own enthusiasm.

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