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The Legend of Newcastle Emlyn

"Here we are" said Bryn one day,

"The place where our ancestors came to stay".

"Really!" said Dolly, as she looked out at the ruins

"Tell me about that old dragon's doings"......

The town of Newcastle Emlyn is famous for many things..... among them:

- it's lovely high street with independent shops

- the successful rugby team (that saw the starting careers of several Welsh International rugby stars)

- the plump salmons in the River Teifi

- the FairTrade Town links

- the site of the first permanent printing press in the 18th century

- the last recorded use of stocks in Britain (in 1872)

- the 13th century castle

- and of course, a little campsite called Dolbryn :)

However, did you know that Newcastle Emlyn is also famed for being the last place in Wales where a dragon was seen? Dolly and Bryn went to the castle to find out more......

Many centuries ago a summer fair was held at the bottom of castle hill. But as the townsfolk were all enjoying the festivities a large dragon flew over the valley, casting long shadows over the fair-goers and landed beside the flag on the castle turret.

Women and children fled the castle grounds in terror and ran back towards the town square, while one huntsman waded out into the river. He lifted his bow and arrow up towards the castle and aimed steadily…..

He hit the dragon square in the heart and the fatally wounded creature stumbled from the castle and fell towards the river, roaring in pain. His blood turned the River Teifi a deep red and his body was washed down the river, never to be seen again.

The last dragon in Wales had been killed, and these creatures would never again grace the skies of our homeland…..

So, next time you visit us here in Newcastle Emlyn, why not pay a visit to the glorious ruined castle and discover these wonderful myths and legends for yourself? Dolly & Bryn highly recommend it!

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